Custom Hearing Protection

Please contact us by phone (503-274-9482), or by email (
with questions about custom hearing protection

How to Order

Custom Hocks Noise Brakers® or Solid Earplugs

            Contact a Hearing Professional near you. Make an appointment with your local hearing professional
                             to have impressions taken of your ears.  Send the impressions to Hocks Earmold Lab,
                                               taking care to protect the impressions when packaging:
                                                                       Hocks Hearing Healthcare
                                                                       3930 SW Kelly Avenue
                                                                       Portland, Oregon 97239
            Contact us at and we will email you an order form and mailing label. 
                  Include your name, address, phone number.  We will call you for your credit card information, or      
                                                           you may send a check with your order. 

               If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, we will take your ear impressions at no additional charge. 

                                       Please call 503-274-9482 or 1-800-654-6257 for an appointment.

               After you send your impressions to us, or after we take impressions of your ears, our earmold lab

        technicians use your ear impressions to create your custom silicone ear plugs, made to fit your ears only.

Custom Hocks Noise Braker®

The Custom Hocks Noise Braker® is hearing protection made from an ear impression,
with the Hocks Noise Filter® inserted into the earmold. 

For more information on Hocks Noise Brakers®

Filtered hearing protection allows the wearer to hear conversational level sound.

Your Custom Hearing Protection may be made either with the world famous Hocks Noise Filters®,
or as solid hearing protection.

Solid Earplugs

The Solid earplug is made of silicone, a flexible, non-shrinking, durable material, offering maximum seal, comfort, and protection.  Full solid units block sound from entering the canal.  Coloring options are available.   NRR 31

Swim Plugs

Prevent leakage with a seal only available in custom units.  No swim mold can provide a 100% water-tight seal. 
However, a properly fitted mold will prevent most moisture from entering the ear.  They are recommended,
by swimming instructors and doctors, for persons requiring protection of the outer ear.  Swim Plugs are made of silicone, a flexible, non-shrinking, durable material, offering maximum seal, comfort, and protection.


Sleep Plugs

The sleeping plug is similar to a solid plug, but with the canal shortened and the outer surface of the mold
phantomed (scooped out) for comfort when lying on the ear.

Colors & Cords

Hearing Protection is made of translucent hypoallergenic silicone. 

Coloring options are available in solid colors or swirl (2 or more

colors):  red, blue, dark blue, green, yellow-green, yellow, white,

brown, orange, violet, black, pink, and clear.  

Most colors may be chosen as either opaque or translucent. 

Cords are available in two styles.

Anchored Cord:  permanent cord made of woven nylon

Pressure Fit Cord:  removable PVC cord